Final Project

This project marks the end to one of the most interesting classes I have had the pleasure of taking. For my final and parting piece (until biofab), I decided to create my very own lightsaber hilt just in time for the Star Wars IX to release.

To start building this piece, I looked at other hilts in the saga and their common themes. Then, using a rectangular base sketch and the revolve tool, I made my own hilt design. Sketches shown here:

These two files are of the outside design and the inner tubing of the blade that will extend from the hilt once printed.

Here is the look and dimensions of the final design both in a downloadable PDF and an image for viewing here

As for the printing process, here is the estimated duration and settings for the print on Cura

These are two possible print orientations, but the second image is the preferred orientation to maintain the integrity, look, and function of the piece. Next to the hilt, you can see there is a press-on cap that will cover the inside blade from the bottom.

I wish I had a picture of the printed piece. I hope to go in soon and try to get it done with. I really loved working on this piece and all of the others that have come before it. It was a great end to a great semester in 3D printing.

Finally, the link to the thingiverse post:

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