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The purpose of this build was to make a gift of sorts for a professor at UNH. I chose to print a brain for my stats in psych professor, Nicholas Mian.

I spent weeks trying to print a brain from a CT scan or MRI. I started trying to download FreeSurfer but there was a problem with the program not being from an identified developer. Then, I switched to OsiriX and made several 3D scans from CTs and MRIs

That gave me something like this^

I tried to use Meshmizer to make it solid and get rid of all those floating pieces but there were just too many empty spaces inside the brain to fill.

Then, it was recommended that I switch to embodi3D. However, I couldn’t make a brain. I ended up with things like this

I couldn’t isolate the brain. After all my efforts, I ended up downloading one of the brains from embodi3D itself and just using that. I attached the Psi symbol that I made to the back of the brain in Fusion for the final product:

Here is the settings in cura:

and the link to thingiverse:

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