Lobster Project: Body

Top Down Lobster Body


This project is being used to satisfy two class projects, those being the teacher prop project and the final project. The requirements being to create a specific prop for a UNH teacher and to create a project that uses most if not all of the features learned throughout the semester on Fusion360.

Dr. Susanne Cooke is a biology teacher at UNH Manchester. One of her favorite preludes to any class is to give a “Lobster Fact” of the week. She has a lot of personal experience in lobster studies and has passion for sharing her lobster memorabilia with the class.

It is because of this that Tom, Rachel, Nick, and I chose to work together to create a life sized 3D printed lobster to give to her. The component I was assigned to work on was the central body of the lobster.

Brainstorming Session and Assigning Roles
Reference Image Used for the Body ( cooked_lobster.0.webp )

My Process:

Using the reference image above, I…

  1. Created an oval blob in the sculpting environment and added more lines for the spline framework
  2. Pushed and pulled the front to make the basic spike and face shape
  3. Pushed in the back to create the basis for the tail to attach
  4. Modified the body to fit the rough shape
  5. Entering the build environment I created a small and large ball joint
  6. I copied the small joint 2-3 times down the body
  7. I used a cone and ball for the eye and stalk, cylinders for the 2 sets of feelers, two large “surfboard” shapes for the central extremities, and a V shaped block to represent the mouth
  8. To create the feelers, I made a like sketch and used the sweep tool to extend the shape from a small ball joint to the tip
  9. Using data from the lobster’s tail piece (being made by Tom) I cut into the rear and added a bar for the tail to attach to
Top Down View In Fusion360
Side View in Fusion360
Bottom Up View in Fusion360

Overview of Components:

Head / Body = Ethan, Tail = Tom, Legs = Nick, Claws = Rachel

Printer Settings:

Printer Brand: Ultimaker

Printer: Ultimaker 3

Rafts: Doesn’t Matter

Supports: Yes

Resolution: 0.2 mm

Infill: 20%

Filament: eSun PLA Red and Blue

Time to Print: 9 hours 50 minutes

Cura Images

Thingiverse: tbd

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