DNA Project

Inspiration –

For this project we had to ask a professor what prop they could use in class they would like us to print out, and my professor chose a DNA model. This way she could have a hands on way to teach her students about the structure of DNA.

Final Sketch from Fusion 360
Initial Rough Draft in Fusion 360
Finished Project in Fusion 360

Process –

I started this out by doing research and making sure I had the correct angle and degrees at how the backbones went up and how the bases were split apart. After this I created the cylinder on there side, and copied and pasted them up to the number I needed. Then I rotated them around to the degree they needed to be, then using the sweep command created one backbone, copied and pasted it, and made sure they matched up with the nucleotide bases. I then added a small stand at the bottom so that it all could stand upright.

Printer Settings –

  • Layer Height – 0.2 mm
  • Support – On
  • Adhesion – None
  • Time to Print – 29 hours and 30 minutes
  • Type of Filament – eSun, PLA
  • Amount of Filament – 265g
  • % of Infill – 20%

Link to Thingiverse –


Technical Drawing –

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