Star Candle Holder

The inspiration for this project came from my love of candles. I have seen candles holders with star cutouts in the stores and decided to make my own. I based my creation of off the image below.


To start this project I inserted a star canvas into Fusion 360. I then sketched this shape and copied and pasted in to make three different sized stars. From here, I created a cylinder shape and shelled out the inside. To make the edges nice and smooth, I filleted them. Finally, I made the star cutouts by cutting the star shape from the cylinder.

3D image of what the candle holder will look like
Blueprint with candle dimesions

From here, an STL file was uploaded to the Ultimaker printer and printed in black.

Printer Settings

Layer Height: 0.2mm

Support: No

Adhesion: none

Time to Print:  ~7 hours

Amount (grams) of Filament: 85 grams

Infill: 18%

Type of Filament: Esun PLA Black

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