Group Art Project


My inspiration for this piece was in honor of Cristiano Ronaldo’s 700th competitive goal. He often goes by the nickname CR7, which gave me the idea to make my design CR7, but make it 700 for each goal. On top of that, I made it the outline of a soccer ball to demonstrate it was 700 goals in soccer.

Truncated Octahedron original sketch


I began by following the video to build a truncated octahedron, which started with this sketch. After sketching and producing it face by face, the picture below was the result of the sketch.

Truncated Octahedron

Next, it was rounded off in order to cover the octahedron inside and leave holes for the dowels to go through, so it can be connected to the rest of the group’s projects.

Original Octahedron

Next after following the tutorial I began to customize it myself. I made an offset plane just above the body, and made line sketches to create bodies for each letter and number. After that, I extruded them all down to give the appearance they were coming out of the octahedron.

Octahedron with Lettering

Next, I created a separate truncated icosahedron in order to get the lines of a soccer ball into the original piece.

Finally, I moved the lettering onto the ball, added the holes for the dowels, and put on the black and white colors I want to make it look like a classic soccer ball.

Final Product in Fusion 360

Printer Settings

  • Layer height: 0.2 mm
  • Filament brand: eSun
  • Filament material: PLA Black and PLA White
  • Amount of filament: 124g
  • Infill: 20%
  • Time to print: 11 hours 47 minutes

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