The Cenotaph

This particular project is a replica of the Cenotaph for Professor Walsh.
The most complicated part of this replica is that the Cenotaph does not have any 90* angles. Although I did not find any documentation that specified the angles of this monument, I did find fairly detailed sketches. I utilized the sketch to create my own sketch.

The Cenotaph : original design for the structure in Whitehall (Art.IWM ART 3991 a) Lutyens was first approached informally by Sir Alfred Mond, First Commissioner of Works in Lloyd George¬ís government in June 1919, to design a monument to mark the signing of the Peace Treaty. Following discussions with Clemenceau and the Peace Celebrations Committee, Lloyd George met Lutyens in early July 1919 and asked him to design a catafalque for Whitehall, to be part of the Peace Day events… Copyright: ¬© IWM. Original Source:

Instead of extruding the monument upwards, I chose to extrude it sideways and then intersect another sketch so that it has the 87-89* angles.

After figuring out how to make the main body, adding the flag poles and wreath was fairly straight forward. I used the torus option for the three wreaths. For the flagpoles I extruded three circles from the flag platform on each side.

Once the main structure was taken care of I decided to add some brick texture as well as the engraving “The Glorious Dead.”

My initial product ended up being too tall to print in Cura, so I had to size it down to 90% of the original size. With that scale the print stats are posted below.
Time : 12 hours 15 minutes
Filament : 159g

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