Group Project

My inspiration for the group project started out as a baseball because the world series was happening at the time of the project. In addition to trying to make a ball ball I would also have the name of the winning team put on the ball. But I learned that it is extremely hard to sketch of a curved surface and I gave up on my baseball idea, and moved onto to making and sphere with my name on and a goal horn on the top.

After following the video tutorial I ended up with the correct shape. The steps of the tutorial were: 1 make a Truncated Octahedron, to make a Truncated Octahedron the corners in 360 around a square using the circular pattern.

This is what the final product should look like

The next step in the video is to create three planes that converge on a corner

Close up of planes on corner or the Truncated Octahedron 

After the planes are made create a circle sketch on each of the planes and extend it out. This is for the insertion of the dowels. Extrude each of the circle sketches out until they are at least sticking out of your desired shape.

To make the text I created a plane above the circle and then I extruded on the body which is the circle. The extrusion went backwards(-) the reason that I used this method is so that all of letter go into the circle equally.

Printer Settings: 40 Minutes, Material/Filament Used: 4g of PLA White, Layer height: 0.2 mm, Infill: 20%, and Support turned off.


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