UNH Pencil Holder

Finished Product


This 3D Printing class is the only class that I am currently taking, so I didn’t have another professor I could go to. I awkwardly fist bumped the security guy at the front desk one time, so I figured I should make him a pencil holder. I wanted to do something that I could trace an image of, so the UNH logo was an easy choice, and everybody needs a pencil holder!



I started by creating a cylinder with a radius of 100mm and a height of 125mm. I made a canvas and added an image of the UNH logo. I created a sketch plane and traced the outline of the logo on the front of the cylinder. I then needed to cut out the portions of the logo that were white and I wanted the logo to wrap with the curve of the cylinder rather than just go straight through.

With some help, I used the press pull command and this gave me the desired result. I cut out the H, outer border and the left inner section that all needed to be white. I had copied the entire cylinder previously, and just lined up the position and took away the blue sections on the copied cylinder. This left me with separate bodies for the white and blue sections. I filleted the top and bottom to give a smooth edge, and confirmed the bottom would be thick enough, before importing into CURA and using the Merge Models command to line the two bodies up again for the print bed.

Printer Settings:

Layer Height: 0.2mm
Support turned off
No additional adhesion
Time for print: 1 day 11 hours, 31 mins
Type of filament: eSun PLA
Filament amount: 151g
Infill: 20%

Thingiverse Link: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3993233

Technical Drawing

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