Group Art Project Design

This project opened the doors for creative freedom which was a pleasant change as it doesn’t happen often in the STEM field. All designs of both classes will be combined into a large Octahedron using wooden dowels. To form this shape a scale truncate octahedron was first created the holes were created in three directions from a vertice ensuring the correct angles would be achieved to make the shape with the other’s designs.

I chose my design to be a kettle bell with the Joe Rogan emblem embedded on it’s surface. Joe Rogan is a huge inspiration in my life and I felt as if this was an opportune time to honor his impact. I used inkscape to convert the jpg of his emblem to a vector drawing then imported it into fusion and imprinted it onto the kettle bell surface.

The final design is shown below, notice the holes where the dowels will be connected. An update analysis of the print quality will be provided once printed.

A final print of the design was done in two colors, it appears the printer struggled with the logo being in two colors. I believe this is because of the finite limitations of the Ultimaker 3 in relation to the scale of detail. If this was done in one color then the detail would be more precise. A link to the file on thingiverse is provided below.

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