PCR Tube Rack

My inspiration for this project was to create something for a professor. Dr. Johnson at the University of New Hampshire in Manchester, NH. The professor wanted me to create a PCR tube rack for her microbiology and biotechnology course that will be used for a PCR machine. I first began by creating a sketch with the correct dimensions for height and width with a center point rectangle.

Center point rectangle

I then excruted the square up to 16 mm.

I then proceeded by shelling the rectangle out from the bottom. The rectangle had to be shelled out from the bottom because this will hold small test tubes in it.

Next I sketched out a circle on top of the rectangle and used a circular pattern to repeat the circles with the correct dimensions to fit on the rectangle.

I then proceeded by extruding the circles through by 2 mm.

I then started a sketch on the top of the rectangle to add the correct letters and numbers.

I then excruted all of the words and numbers 1 mm through to indent them into the rectangle










Thingiverse Link : https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3989201

PCR tube Rack final product

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