Strongman (Truncated Octahedron)

Inspiration: I recently got into watching strongman competitions like World’s Strongest Man, the Arnold Classic, or Giants Live and I wanted to create something to represent that. The World’s Strongest Man Logo is a symbol of a man holding up a sphere so that was my idea to begin with.

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WSM Logo

The Process:

First, I created the truncated octahedron vertex by following the tutorial posted on mycourses.

Then, I sketched a bicep pose using circles and splines and used a circular pattern to create a base for extrusion.

I extruded this slightly, then copied and pasted the same body 30mm above the first. I lofted the two bodies together in a spiral pattern and used the vertex above to cut holes where they needed to be for the project

I used an Atlas design from thingiverse and had to reduce the number of faces on the mesh from around 40,000 to 10,000. This allowed me to convert the mesh to BREP and actually have a body to edit and work with. 

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I used construction planes to slice off the arms, then rotated them back and reattached them using lofts. This then allowed me to create a ball for Atlas to be holding. 


I sunk the ball deeper into his body to make it more stable and also sliced the ball in half in order to create a crater for the body to hold. I then sketched and cut “WSM” into the side to stand for the Worlds Strongest Man competition.

Final Product

Printer Settings:

  • Layer Height: 0.2mm
  • Support on
  • Adhesion type: Brim
  • Print time: 12 hours and 54 minutes
  • Filament type: eSun PLA
  • Filament amount: 99g
  • 20% infill
  • Infill pattern: Lines

Technical Drawing:

Thingiverse Link:

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