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Shark Tank is a TV show where wealthy investors like Mark Cuban or Robert Herjavec listen to business pitches to decide if they want to make an investment in new businesses. I have been binge watching the show recently, specficially the older seasons, and it is very easy to see 3D printing’s application to startup businesses. In some of the older episodes, the business owners struggle with raising capital to begin manufacturing their products. With the introduction of 3D printing, I would assume that business owners are having a much easier time getting prototypes made and initial production costs would be lowered if the product can be 3D printed. I like the sharks made of money that are part of the show’s intro, so I decide to try and recreate one of those.

Object without holes
Object with holes


I originally wanted to make the shark whole, as they appear to be made of money in the show intro. Obviously I can’t make a print out of money, so I decide to take a different approach and make a wireframe style shark. I had originally tried to make the shark by creating a cylinder in the form environment, but found myself needing to make a lot of extra edges to try to shape the body properly. I gave up on that because it seemed like I needed to establish the side profile of the shark first. I then switched to creating a sketch, and after some time spent making the fins look exactly right, I had a side profile. I figured it would be easy to extrude the sketch and shape it into a smooth body, but it never really looked right with a hard edge between the profile and the roundness of the body. I then decide to just thicken the frame and go with the wire frame design.

When I first tried to thicken the extruded sketch, the form would not finish because edges of the tail fin and the rest of the body were intersecting. To fix this, I went back to the sketch and separated the tail fin from the rest of the body. I then moved it away from the rest of the body and repeated the extrude and thicken steps for the body. For the tail fin, I did a normal extrusion to make it solid so that one of the poles would have a good surface to go through. I then just moved them back together and combined.

This model does not look as good as I had originally intended because I ran into issues trying to move from the 2D sketch to the 3D smooth body. I thought this would be easy, but I was mistaken and wasted a lot of time in the form environment. If I continued to work on this project, I would try to create it again entirely through the edit form environment. I still like the way it turned out; I think the wireframe design fits the artistic project, but I would love to see if I could make a full body shark as well.

Technical Drawing:

Printer Settings:

  • Layer Height: 0.2mm
  • Support turned off
  • No additional adhesion
  • Time for print: 58 minutes
  • Type of filament: eSun PLA
  • Filament amount: 2g
  • Infill: 20%

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