Horse Celtic Knot Design


See bottom of post for printer settings.


Hey, guys. Alex here.

My mom loves Celtic jewelry, and she also loves horses, so it made sense to try and make a horse design using the Celtic Knot Creator by Hypatia Studio for this project.

To make my life a little easier, I searched for pre-existing Horse Celtic Knot design images on Google Images, and was fortunate to come across the design pictured below.



With this image as my reference, I got to work making my own design using the limited grid options provided by the Celtic Knot Creator browser program. After some trial and error, I was able to create the following design:

It’s not perfect, and you may have to look at it for a while before you can distinguish the eyes and ears from the rest of the piece, but at least the muzzle is clear.

Below are screenshots of the .STL model in Cura. I printed it using the Ultimaker 3, but the Ultimaker 2/2+ will work just fine.


Below is the finished print! I printed it out of Silver Metallic PLA, but any color should print fine. 🙂

It’s a little hoarse horse


I printed the above design on the Ultimaker 3, but this design is pretty simple and could probably be printed on just about any printer. The settings don’t really matter, but here they are below anyway, just in case.

Printer Model: Ultimaker 3

Layer Height: 0.2 mm

Shell: Wall thickness = 1 mm; top/bottom thickness = 1 mm; top/bottom line directions = default; outer wall inset = 0 mm; fill gaps between walls = everywhere; print thin walls = checked.

Infill: Infill density = 20%; infill pattern = zig zag; extra infill wall count = 0; infill overlap percentage = 10%

Material: Printing temperature = 200 C; build plate temperature = 60 C; flow = 100%; enable retraction = checked

Speed: Print speed = 50 mm/s

Travel: Z-hop when retracted = unchecked

Cooling: Enable print cooling = checked; fan speed = 100%

Support: Generate support = checked; support extruder = extruder 1 (Silver); support placement = everywhere; support overhang angle = 60 degrees; support pattern = lines; support density = 15%

Build Plate Adhesion: Enable prime blob = checked; build plate adhesion type = none

Dual Extrusion: Enable prime tower = unchecked

Mesh Fixes: Remove all holes = unchecked

Filament: Ultimaker PLA – Silver Metallic

Materials: 1 g / 0.16 m of PLA Filament

Print Time: 18 min (at 100% scale)

Finished product (printed above) printed at 100% scale.

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