Group Art Project

Inspiration –

For this project we each had to create an end piece that will all connect in the end. Many of my classmates created recreations and images that were very specific and concrete so I wanted to create something more abstract and broad. That is why my project is not anything in particular and it can be perceived in any way.

Final Sketch in Fusion 360
Finished Project in Fusion 360

Process –

After creating the truncated Octahedron and building a sphere base, I started making additions and subtractions from there. I would add holes, make cuts using center point arc spots, rotating them around and then extruding them into the sphere. I then started adding small holes into regular circles and squares and created a pattern around a certain area. I then added smaller spheres into the larger holes I created and added extra blocks, a cylinder and a small and large Torus. Most of the process was trial and error and seeing what I thought fit and what did not.

Printer Settings –

  • Layer Height – 0.2mm
  • Support – On
  • Adhesion – None
  • Time to Print – 9 hours and 12 minutes
  • Type of Filament – eSun
  • Amount of Filament – 101g
  • % of Infill – 20%

Link to Thingiverse –

Technical Drawing –

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