Group Art Project: Turbocharger

A turbocharger is a performance part for cars that is apart of the exhaust system. There is a fan that spins rapidly as RPMS increase and send boost to the engine to increase the power of it. I have a passion for cars, and thought that it would be a good representative of myself. In order to create this, I downloaded an image from google images of a typical looking turbo charger. After realizing the majority of the shape is a circle, I extruded a circle up and put a fillet on it to round it out to form a turbo shape. Then, I took measurements of the height to determine the cylinders that are on the top right side, where it connects to the engine, and the bottom left, where it connects to the exhaust system. The fan is made out of metal blades that spin rapidly, so to create a sharp looking blade, I made thin rectangles in the housing of the turbo to make it look realistic. The holes I placed in places that I thought would look cool. I’m totally sure that the holes are going to work, because I scaled the turbo, and one of the holes is in a weird spot.

PDF of Turbo Drawing: file:///C:/Users/Owner/Documents/3D%20Printing/Turbo%20Drawing%20v1.pdf

Print settings:

Layer Height: .2mm

Support: None

Adhesion: None

Print Time: 3 hours 49 minutes

Amount of filament: 35g

% Infill: 15%

Link to file on thingiverse:

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