Hinge Documentation

For my hinge project, I took on a complex task. I wanted to build an excavator. I had this vision to build it with an operating lever that would move the arm to dig when you manipulated the lever up or down and forward or back.

Sadly, after working for about 100 hours researching and studying existing toys, analyzing previous builds on Thingiverse, watching countless videos on how to properly make joints in Fusion, and creating a detailed schematic of the project with dimensions and articulation points, I realized I had chosen too ambitious a project for the time I was given and my lack of experience with the software. Across those two weeks, I had only the tread and wheel fittings, and even those weren’t finalized.

I decided that I had taken on too much and that I would focus on finishing and printing my treads and interlocking wheels. I calculated the number of tread pieces that I would need to print to create a tread that wrapped around my three interlocking wheels. I was able to find a good fit by setting the center points of the outermost wheels at 153 mm apart, which would fit 30 tread pieces around it snugly. Then, I just created a rectangular pattern with my tread across a set distance at a count of 10 and made sure there was no interference.

Here are the pictures of the settings and print set up I used in cura and the final product!

I think will try to finish my excavator as a personal project as the semester continues. Hopefully, if I can find a good chunk of time to work on it for a few hours a week, I can print it before winter break!

Finally, here’s the link to the project itself in Thingiverse that includes the above pictures as well as the stl files for download: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3937170

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