Octopus with Hinge Arms

I chose to create an octopus for my hinge project because my favorite childhood cartoon growing up was “Oswald.” I wanted to use this as an opportunity to express my creativity while incorporating hinges in the arms and creating something sentimental in the process. In the end, I assigned the color purple to my octopus because purple is my favorite color!

Process of creating the octopus:

  • I first began by creating a simple hinge in Fusion360 by creating a sketch and creating two rectangles.
  • The next few steps involved various cuts, offsets, and extrusions to create my basic hinge shape.
  • Next I copied and pasted the bodies, and moved/adjusted the bodies in a linear fashion to begin one of my arms. Once the bodies were moved, I used a filleting technique to round out the edges of the arm to create a smoother, more appealing look.
  • Once the arms were created, I made a circle on the edge of the end of the arm to form the base on which the head of the octopus will be. This then allowed me to do a circular pattern around the circle, replicating the design of the arms around it in a symmetrical way.
  • From here, I created a sketch on one of the planes and used the “revolve” technique to create the head and hat, and then proceeded to extrude shapes for the eyes of the octopus.

Below is a sketch with dimensions of my design:

Printer Settings:

  • Layer Height: 0.2mm
    Infill Density Percentage: 18%
    Filament Amount (g): 55g (6.96m)
    Print Time: 4hr 56min
    Filament Brand/Material: ESUN, PLA
    Support: yes
  • Additional Adhesion: no bed adhesions
    Link to Design on Thingiverse: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3952367

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