For the group project, I decided to create a basketball off of the basic sphere shape. The inspiration came from my love for basketball and the Boston Celtics. It is a sport I’ve played since the 4th grade, and they are the team I’ve been following since! I decided to add the brand name “Spalding” to it to add some creativity and represent the league’s actual basketball.

The process of creating my basketball

  • I began by creating a sketch in Fusion360. One of the requirements for this project was to create a truncated octahedron in which we can create or cut three holes in our design that will later on fit onto a bigger piece, forming our group project. To begin the creation of my basketball, I created an octahedron with cylinders going in three directions off of a point utilizing various extrusions, cuts, and combing of bodies
  • I then created a sphere on a plane in which the cylinders will cut through
  • From there, I began constructing my basketball.

Once I had my basic spherical shape of the basketball (with the cylinder bodies turned off for now), I began to create the horizontal and vertical lines of a basketball.

  • To do so, I created an ellipse at the origin of a plane in the inner circle and created a sketch environment on that plane. The ellipse was 40mm in width and 35mm long in length.
  • I then utilized the offset comrade to create two lines representing the thickness of the lines that curve on the side of the basketball as represented in the figures below. I then applied the “modify” and “split face” commands, and “modify” and “press pull” to extrude the indentations of my basketball inwards of the spherical surface.
  • Once the basic lines of my basketball were created and press-pulled inwards, I began designing the brand name “Spalding” on one side. To do so, I went under “construction” and placed a text on an angle on one of the planes. To replicate Spalding on the other side of my basketball, I clicked on “mirror” and selected the face I wanted replicated. Then I utilized the circular pattern feature (optimized) to create the text on both sides


Printer Settings:

  • Layer Height: 0.2mm
    Infill Density Percentage: 20%, concentric
    Filament Amount (g): 94g (11.82m)
    Print Time: 10hr 58min
    Filament Brand/Material: ESUN, PLA
    Support/Additional Adhesion: Brim Plate Adhesion, Extruder 2
    Link to Design on Thingiverse:

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