Shakra Key Chain

For the logo project I decided to print an image I found on the internet of a shaka hand sign, commonly used with surfers. I thought this small logo would make a nice key chain for anyone who wants to download it from Thingiverse. I started by importing an image into Fusion 360 through the “insert” command then tracing it using multiple sketch tools such as; splines, patterns, and arcs. I decided to edit some of the design to make it a version of my own. After a few extrusions and keeping the multiple heights consistent with each other it was complete and ready for print. I am most excited to see the Ultimaker 3+ capabilities of printing small tight angles as this design as a few areas of question. A link to the STL file on Thingiverse is provided below.

Here is the original image with me beginning the tracing process. Alterations can be seen between this and the final image.
The final design.

In the final product, as seen above, there are a few discrepancies from using different filament colors. For a more consistent print the user would use grey but what is life without color and challenge. On the right side wall a small piece of blue material is wedged between layers, most likely from dirty filament or filament tubes. Some separation between the layers exists on the top sidewalls most likely from moisture within the material or in the print environment. All of these deficiencies could be resolved with a controlled print environment and regular cleaning of the printer.

The printer captured the majority of the detail of the model except for the silhouettes of the seagulls in the top left. The detail was just too small for the print nozzle we were using. Also it looks as though there was an uneven dispersion of heat in the print chamber dude to less adhesion and stringiness of the print on the right side of the logo. Sometimes having an open face to the printer creates a inconsistent temperature environment.

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