Tower of Terror

The Tower of Terror is perhaps the most fun ride in Disney World. As with all Disney rides, it has an interesting backstory. The story goes that the Hollywood Tower Hotel was a popular place in 1939 when a lightning strike hit the building, killing the passengers of the elevator inside. It is now part of a Twilight Zone episode in which “you are the star, and this elevator travels directly to… The Twilight Zone.”

My Sketch in Fusion 360:

In order to make this, I used many different sketches with details for each window, balcony, and every different face of the building. To create the roof I used several different sketch planes.
(The writing on the front was created in a separate file and then added to the building, which is why it is not present in this first sketch.)

The finished piece in fusion 360:

The print settings in Cura were 0.2mm layer height, no support, no plate adhesion, and 18% infill. This design uses 94 grams of filament and takes 7 hours and 11 minutes to make.

The drawing from design in Fusion 360:

Here is the link for this on Thingiverse:

The printed design:

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