Torre Arcos Bosques II – CDMX, Mexico

My inspiration was Torre Arcos Bosques II. I was originally looking at famous buildings in Mexico when I found Torre Arcos Bosques II in my search. This building is composed of two twin towers united in-between.

Torre Arcos Bosques I – on left
Torre Arcos Bosques II – on right

I started by getting a picture on Google Earth of the 2D view (top view) of the building.

2D top view of Torre Arcos Bosques II – Google Earth

I started by tracing both towers and the middle piece that unite them in-between. Once I have traced everything, I extruded everything up and started tracing all the windows on the sides.

Once I extruded all windows, I added any extra features and hollow the inside circle up.

Here is the drawing of Torre Arcos Bosques II with some dimensions

Printer Settings

Layer Height: 0.2mm

Infill Percentage: 20%

Support: Yes

Adhesion: None

Print Time: 8hr 23mins

Filament Amount: 53g

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