The Pentagon, Washington D.C.

The inspiration behind choosing this building is that in fifth grade we had to model an assigned building from Washington D.C. The building that I got was The Pentagon. I built it out of cardboard and meticulously painted the windows. My project was far from a perfect representation so I wanted to model this building again in this software and see what I could do.

I imported a top down satellite picture into Fusion 360 so that I could begin to sketch it. It was actually pretty straight forward to get the basic shape to take form in the software. The hardest part of the design was all of the windows. Figuring out the pattern command helped make it easier.

I extruded the basic pentagon shape and then cut the blank shapes into it. All of the windows were cut into the main shape using the pattern tool. Each entrance was extruded and then cut and filleted to achieve the look.

Printer Settings

Layer Height: 0.2mm

Infill Percentage: 16%

Support: None

Adhesion: None

Print Time: 4hr 40mins

Filament Amount: 46g

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