The Shard

My inspiration for this piece was the architecture of the Shard, in London, England. I visited it a year ago and thought it was a really awesome structure with the spires on top and how it goes from so large at the bottom to so skinny at the top, as opposed to the typical uniformly shaped buildings. I used this picture to get an idea of the dimensions:, also google maps was used to get the 3D view.

Original sketch
Dimensions and measurements
The finished sketch before print

This was made by making a line sketch of the base shape by using a screenshot from the down angle on Google Earth. From there, it was a simple extrusion followed by a taper to get the cone-like shape. Then, individual triangles were extruded and tapered at the top to get the spire-like extensions on top.

Side view of finished product

Printer Settings

  • Layer height: 0.2mm
  • Print time: 49 minutes
  • Filament type: eSun PLA
  • Filament amount: 14g
  • Infill: 5%
  • Note: uniform scaling of 50% from original

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