Big Ben

I’ve always been fascinated by clock towers and clocks in general so I naturally chose one of the most iconic clock towers in the world for my print. The level of complexity in the features of the clock tower was too much to be constructed in the time limit we were given, so I did my best in terms of detail.

Original images links:

Front Sketch
Top Sketch
Final Product in Fusion 360

The Process:

I first started out by making a sketch of the overhead view and extruding that upwards. Then, I made a canvas of the front of the clock tower and pasted that to one of the sides to sketch on. I used rectangular patterns for the windows and then filleted the edges by 1mm to get the rounded rectangle look. For the clock hands, I used a spline to get the curvy detail necessary for its complex design. My main tools for the construction of the clock tower was the use of circular patterns around a central axis that was made using construction lines. This allowed me to sketch and extrude one side of the tower and then just make a pattern so that the same design would be copied onto all the other faces. Lastly, I used a tapered extrusion to get the triangular top.


As you can see, the print did not go as planned. I made the thickness of the top of the clock tower too thin compared to the rest of the body and so when I tried to take out support material, the whole top came off with it. If I have extra time, I will thicken the walls and reprint it because it is an easy fix.

Printer Settings:

  • Layer Height: 0.2mm
  • Support on
  • No additional adhesion
  • Print time: 4 hours and 13 minutes
  • Filament type: eSun PLA
  • Filament amount: 28g
  • 15% infill
  • Infill pattern: lines
Technical Drawing

Thingiverse Link:

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