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I played football for a long time throughout high school and college. I want to make this little football piece to keep in my car as a reminder of the good times I had with the sport. I just used a random cartoon football I found to sketch off.

Link to original image:

Final Object


I mostly used the 3-point arc tool to sketch out this. Almost every line could be made with that tool alone or some combination of multiple curves. I tried to use the fit-to-line spline tool, but I could that the 3-point arc tool made much smoother curves. The most difficult portion was the laces as that required me to trace the whole thing out and then trim out a bunch of lines. I also had trouble with getting the top line of the bottom half trimming to line up correctly. The bottom half of the football has an odd curve that was hard to match.

I wanted the laces and border to pop out from the rest. I raised the laces up 1mm, the border 0.5mm and added 0.25mm of thickness to the rest. I did all of this by selecting different parts of the sketch and extruding symmetrically.

When considering printing this, I realized that my model was really small. I think you generally want to try to model to scale to avoid losing details when you scale things, but with such a simple model, I figured I would be alright. I scaled it to about 5 inches across, 3 inches vertically and around 0.5 inches thick. Detail looks fine here, but it is nearly 800% larger than my original model. In the future, I will model to scale because I could definitely see there being issues trying to scale something up that much.

I also feel that my print time is really long for such a simple model. I suspect the scaling has something to do with this, as I have tried different infills with no change.

Printer Settings:

  • Layer Height: 0.2mm
  • Support turned off
  • No additional adhesion
  • Time for print: 3 hours, 45 mins
  • Type of filament: eSun PLA
  • Filament amount: 28g
  • Infill: 20%
Technical Drawing

Thingiverse Link:

Technical Drawing PDF

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