Star Wars Logo

The inspiration behind choosing the Star Wars logo is my little brother, who has been a die-hard fan since he was little! Growing up, playing with the Lego sets and video games was our only means of bonding, therefore I wanted to create something sentimental for him! I retrieved my design idea from:

The posts below briefly walk you through the steps of my initial and final sketches of the Star Wars logo. I first began by importing the downloaded image of the logo into Fusion360 as a canvas. Once it was imported, I outlined each letter by using the spline tool to trace the curvature of some letters in addition to using the “line” hot key to trace the straight edges. To add some flavor to the logo, I also added a light saber above the letters by importing an image of the light saber and combing it with my canvas, performing the same tracing actions.

To make it a little more cool, I extruded each letter along with the light saber to give them a 3D, popping effect. I also added a slope to the object so when it stands, it stands at a slant.

The image below represents my blueprint sketch:

Printer Settings:

  • Layer Height: 0.2mm
  • Infill Density Percentage: 20%
  • Filament Amount: 35g
  • Print Time: 3hr 54min
  • Filament Brand/Material: ESUN, PLA
  • Support/Additional Adhesion: none
  • Link to Design on Thingiverse:

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