The inspiration for this print was from my own history of playing the saxophone. I love doing it and it has been a hobby of mine for almost 5 years now. I wanted to make something that I could put in my saxophone case as well. Here is the link for the original image:

This is the sketch from Fusion 360
Final Product in Fusion 360

The Process:

I made heavy use of the spline tool during my sketch to get all the curves of the original image as accurate as possible. However, it is still not 100% true to the image and this is mainly due to the image being drawn at an angle which was not helpful when I tried to make a rectangular pattern of the buttons. As far as I know of, there is no way to make a rectangular pattern with a continuously increasing/decreasing angle increment for each copy. This meant that I had to trace each button by hand using the spline tool to the best of my ability.


The first print (The first picture) had two bodies intersecting each other at the handle and so it printed every other layer yellow and black. I did not notice this at first but I simply removed the intersecting body and tried to reprint in gold and bronze (the second picture). The buttons on this did not securely attach to the body of the saxophone and this may have been a filament color issue that did not occur with the other colors before. To fix this, I extruded the button further into the saxophone to ensure that they will stay securely attached to the body. I will update the pictures when it finishes.

Printer Settings:

  • Layer Height: 0.2mm
  • Support turned on
  • No additional adhesion
  • Time for print: 28 minutes
  • Type of filament: eSun PLA
  • Filament amount: 3g
  • %infill: 20%
Technical Drawing

Thingiverse Link:

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