Seth Abrams’ Wand prop

For my prop I asked my professional writing professor, Seth Abrams. His response was “Hmm, I always wanted a pointer, like a wand.” And so I made a wand for Seth

When he asked me to make the wand I decided to make it a bit more complicated then just a wand, so because he wanted it to be about 16 inches I made it as 2 separate pieces.

To start off this project first I decided to test some threads, I looked up some information online and decided to try it out with the thread command.


The first test for the threads was on the silver material and it worked first try, the second test was on a brown material to simulate wood and it failed the initial print. What I ended up having to do was turn down the print time so that it would work but it was still fragile, in the end Seth was OK with it being printed in black so that’s what we ended up going with.



The next step I did after the thread test was to make the overall shape of the wand with a sketch and then revolve it around the center axis.




Next I wanted to add some extra flair so I added a coil around the handle





And then finally some detail going up the wand shaft with another coil which was then patterned around the center axis two more times


The stl files for this wand can be found here:

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