Action Figure

For my final project in 3D printing we had to create an action figure. My idea was to create a LEGO guy but it turned more into a robot because we needed to have joints which LEGO guys don’t necessarily have.. I first started with two rectangles on the feet and extruded them upward. I then sketched two squares on those extruded rectangles to make the calves of the action figure. I extruded those sketches upward also. I used the fillet command to soften the creases between the ankle and the calve. I then added hinge joints for knees using joints that I have tested before. You can use this link for reference.

I then sketched three different rectangles on top of the joints and extruded them together to make the hips. I filleted the groin region to round it and added to ball joint to the top of it so the abdomen can snap into place allowing it to rotate.

Next I made the abdomen by sketching a rectangle and extruded it upward. I then extruded the top face and tapered it to make a trapezoid shape for the shoulders. I then added the socket joints to the shoulders and the ball joints for the neck so the head can snap onto the neck and rotate. On the bottom of the abdomen I sketched a square and extruded it into the abdomen making a hole and placing the socket joint in that hole, giving it flexibility to snap into the hip joint.

Next I made the arms. I started off by making a cylinder and adding the ball joint to the top of the arm. I then added the hinge joints to form the elbows and then another cylinder. I extruded the end of this cylinder and tapered it to make a cone shape for the cone. I then highlighted the arm and duplicated it.

Lastly I made the head. I started with a cylinder and filleted the edges making it found. I then sketched a circle on the bottom of the head to make a space for the socket that the neck joint can pop into. I sketched two small circles on an offset tangent plane for the eyes and extruded them into the head.

For an accessory being part of the requirements I made a Santa hat for the season. You can find the instructions under this link:

I used the ultimaker 3 to print this action figure and use Cura for the print settings. I used the colors pink and black. I made all the joints black and the rest of the action figure pink. Here are some of the print settings:

Layer height: .2mm

Infill Density: 10%

Infill Pattern: Grid

Support: Touching build plate

Support Pattern: Lines

Printer: Ultimaker 3

Nozzle Size: .4mm

You can download this using the link below on thingiverse:

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