Mega Man Action Figure

For the final project in 3D printing we were tasked to create an action figure with multiple joints.

The action figure I chose to create was that of a popular video game character called Mega Man

First I found an image of Mega Mans face. I found it easiest to find a SVG file of Mega Man to sketch out like our previous project. Once the Sketch was complete I extruded the face 10mm vertically

Once I found a proper SVG image, I traced the face very similarly as we had our previous project.



For the body I found it difficult to find a proper image of Mega Mans torso so I started with a 2 point rectangle.

Once the rectangle was complete I positioned it under mega mans head and man cuts into each corner for the joints to be able to be placed properly.

Next I added the ball joints from my previous print and positioned them on each corner of the torso.




Next with the help of professor Plante, we imported a different sketch of Mega Man onto our work plane.

We sketched out one arm and one leg by simply tracing a spline through the limbs.


Once the legs were sketched we extruded both limbs and mirrored the limbs to have symmetrical features on my action figure.

Finally once the action figure was complete we needed to import the body into cura into 2 different prints.



The first print was the body and face which I printed in 2 different colors. The first color was the face which was white, and the body and helmet was blue. The 2nd print was the limbs which I printed a light blue color.


Print time for the body and face was 4 1/2 hours.

Print time for the limbs was 1 1/2 hours

Colors used white, blue, light blue

STL file:

layer height: 0.2mm

nozzle size: 0.4mm

temperature of nozzle: 200 Degree C

temperature of bed: 60 Degree C

infill density: 10%

infill pattern: zigzag


Build plate adhesion type: brim

material used: PLA



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