The Fe Giant (oh the iron-y)

So this is it. Our final project, our final blog post. You won’t have to read another sarcastic, pun-filled post by me. Don’t get too excited now, you still have to get through this one and I’m not going to make it easy on you.

If the Iron Giant and the Silver Surfer teamed up, would they be alloys?

When an alien robot on a mission to take over Earth crash-lands into a small cold-war era town and gets amnesia; he befriends a small boy by the name of Hogarth Hughes who teaches him the true meaning of friendship and the beauty of humanity.

The story of The Iron Giant is one of my absolute favorites, and it is a movie that remains near and dear to my heart. I remember watching it with my dad and he would tell me about his own cold-war experiences as a young man. (The film features a lot of cold-war era history.)

Getting the opportunity to bring the character to life was really great. Now for the nitty-gritty: How to make it.

First thing I started with was a nice clean image that I could use to sketch my parts off of.

Believe it or not this was way harder than it looked. Almost every image had the Iron Giant posing in some way, or not in a face-on view. This was one of the best ones I could find.

As you can see he is still posing, and he’s not 100% face-on either, but it’s close enough to get the job done.

I inserted the image as a canvas into Fusion 360 and adjusted the size of the canvas to be roughly the size that I wanted him to be completed so my dimensions would be roughly what I would be looking for.


Here is the image of the back of the Iron giant I found for reference as well. I didn’t really do too much on the back of the model because I ran out of time. When I go back and fix the feet and hands I will also do some of the finishing touches I wish I had achieved during this project.





Here you can see I started by making the body. I started by doing a half sketch and the revolving since his main inner body is a cylinder, By doing this I was able to achieve all the indents in his “stomach” and “waist” area.





This is what it looked like with the body/stomach area revolved using the revolve tool. I also changed the top of the head joint to a different color so when his head piece was on it would look really cool.





By this point, I’ve designed his…”crotch” area, his left leg, and head. Everything was done just doing offset sketches and then pushing/pulling parts together. To get the rivets on his crotch I made a body of a rivet and then used the follow circular pattern command. This tool came in very handy for the majority of the little details.




Now we have two legs, the body, chest plate, head, and jaw. As you can see all that’s missing are the feet, shoulders, arms, and hands. It was somewhere after the shoulders that things started to fall apart quickly. I realized time was no longer on my side, or rather because I’m a chronic procrastinator time is never on my side. Either way, I realized I had only a couple days left for this guy so I started to Joe-Rogan it.



Here it is in all its glory. When I go back I’m going to get rid of the marshmallow feet and the tiny little baby hands. I would like to improve a lot of the knee/elbow joints, and maybe attempt some more refined joints. Overall though I’m really happy with how he came out. I think visually he really looks like the character.




I did create an accessory that would have used dual-extrusion if I had not run out of time to print it.







Link to thingiverse:

Print settings:

Hollow model/with supports

Printed on DLP 405nm AnyCubic Photon

Material used: 405nm UV curing resin in Grey (brand is called Elegoo)

12 second exposure time, printed at .05 for most parts, and .03 for the main body/stomach

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