Cavalieri’s principle Documentation

My professor asked to design and print the Cavalieri’s principle for my 3D printing prop assignment.

To make the coin shape, I drew two rectangles, one inside the other. The bigger one was 20×18 mm and the smaller one was 10x8mm. Then I selected the are in between both rectangles and I revolved the area.


Then I drew two 20mm slots on the center of the coin along with a 6×6 square. The first slot was only 4.50mm in length and the second one was 6mm long.

After that, I extruded the square 7.5mm and the slot 3mm. At that point, I already have the coin at the top.

To make the coin in the middle,  I only added a hole on the top of the coin. I drew a 25×10 rectangle then I extruded it to cut through the surface.

To make the coin at the bottom, I simply copied the coin I already had and deleted the slot and square at the bottom, leaving the hole on the top.

This design was created as part of the University of New Hampshire’s ET401 “Introduction to 3D printing ” course. You can find design plans for this projects and many others at






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