Attempt on Venom 1.0

Venom was suppose to look outstanding but failed to look up to expectations mainly due to my inability to properly execute Fusion 360. Despite this, it is now a trial, Venom 1.0 in which Venom 2.0 will be developed later on.  This is the rough draft of Venom.

We were assigned to make our own super hero and I wanted to make Venom. It was difficult and as seen, it is not the best Venom 3D printed action figure.





Sculpt was used to create the upper torso. Through the use of this, now I know how to better use the tool to properly execute the design of venom through the use of Sculpt. The head was sketched out as well as the “hip” area. All three were made into one. Sperate body parts would have been better in which would allow the mobility of the head as well as the hips.


I used one form of joint, in which is the ball joint. Very useful and fife joints in total were printed out to allow some mobility for the action figure.


The limbs of the action figure was aall sketched out and extruded up. The Hole function was used to create a gap for the joints to fit into place.


Now I wont go too greatly into detail on this design for it deserves a remodel. I do wish to say that the use of the sculpting environment can be a great resource in order to create all body parts. The joints can have more than one and make it more realistic. As previously said, venom will be recreated from scratch to fully become the true Venom. This is a now prototype. Venom 1.0. Venom 2.0 will be created and published through Thingiverse. If possible, it will as well be submitted through here step by step.

This venom came out struggling off the printing press. Did not survive the transition from space to earth this time. Despite the failed attempt, it does attach, it does move. But can be better.


Print Settings:

Material: PLA Black

Nozzle: 0.4mm

Layer Height: 0.2

Wall Line count: 2

Top/Bottom Thickness: 0.8

Top Layer: 2

Infill density: 15 / Infill Pattern: Zig Zag

Retraction is enabled

Support: Everywhere / overhang angle at 50

Built Plate: Brim


Find it at Thingivers Venom 1.0

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