Santa Hat

First I created a torus in the sculpt environment that was 50mm in diameter. Then I inserted a quadball and placed it onto the torus and made sure it wasn’t overlapping. I deleted the faces on one half of the torus so it looked like a hat. I then pulled up on the center point of the quadball to make more of a cone. I then pulled one side of the cone to make it look like the hat was drooping. Next I added a 20mm sphere on the point of the cone.

I used an Ultimaker 3 to print and the software Cura. I printed the Santa hat in two colors. I used Extruder one to be white and I assigned the torus and the sphere to extruder white when printing and I assigned extruder two to be red and assigned the quadball to be extruder 2.

Below are the printer settings:

Layer height: .2mm

Infill Density: 10%

Infill Pattern: Grid

Support: None

Printer: Ultimaker 3

Nozzle Size: .4mm

Below is the link to download the design on Thingiverse.

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