In class our assignment was to ask a professor on campus for a prop needed to help teach their class. My professor asked me to make her a bacteriophage. I used Fusion 360 to design the bacteriophage. I started off my creating 25 torus shapes and stacking them on top of each other. I then made a hexagon and pushed it upward to connect to the base of the stacks of torus’s. Next I sketched a center point circle using the origin as my point. I extruded it and tapered it to make a cone shape. I then dragged the cone to the top of the stack of torus’s.

Next using one of the planes from the origin, I sketched the shape of the leg using lines. I made a circle on the end of it to be able to “sweep” the sketch to make a defined shape.

Next I used the “sweep” key and was able to select the small circle on the end of the sketched lines and make a defined shape following the path that I sketched. I used a circular pattern and had the shape rotate 6 times around the main object. I then used the same technique and sketched another line, but more towards the top of the stack of torus’s. This was a straight line and was much shorter. I then sketched a circle at the end of the line so I can use it to “sweep” to make a more defined shape. I also used the circular pattern and rotated this 6 times around the main object.

Next I sketched an offset plane on top the cone and sketched a pentagon and extruded and tapered it downward towards the object.

I then used the the patch environment and made triangles that extruded off of the pentagon. Lastly I made another pentagon and extruded it and tapered it and placed it on top of the sketched triangles.

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