To start our final project, we were assigned to create joints that we would be able to use in our final action figures. I made 2 types, one that is like a hinge and a ball and socket joint.

First i created this sketch using a rectangle and mirrored lines.

I next rotated the inner trapezoidal shape to form the first body. 

I then rotated the outer pieces as a single body.

Next i moved the outer pieces closed to the middle piece.

I then sketched on the perpendicular to create a solid foundation

I next extruded the rectangles in both directions

I then sketched a large rectangle over the entire object

Finally i connected the two sides so that the middle piece could rotate freely

For the ball and socket joint, i created a sketch using circles, rectangles and lines. 

Next I rotated the object to make a cup-like body

I then used an offset pane to sketch a cross

The cross was used to cut out sections so the two end pieces could stick together without breaking

The inner piece was then formed using a circle and a rectangle.

The inner piece was then rotated

The final pieces 

The ball socket needs adjustments to fit the size of an action figure, but this is a start.

To print these, go to

Layer height .2mm

Infill density 10%

Nozzle size .4mm

Temp 200C

Bed temp 60C

Print time 9 minutes

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