It’s a joint effort (wakka wakka)

Not my best work, I know. I am tired.

This week for class (or if I’m being totally honest… last week) we were tasked with getting started on our final project: action figures. They do action! They move! They swivel! They are about the size of a banana! They fight crimes! Well, maybe not the last one, but you can pretend!

So while I was struggling with any sort of inspiration for this project, our glorious professor was also expecting us to actually do work in the class too, so here we are: joints and not the fun kind. *Wink wink*

Because these are action figures that do action we are going to have to use things like hinges and joints. One of the simplest and most versatile of the joints is the ball and socket.

I started with a really simple sketch of a center circle and some lines, I then cut the circle in half by using the trim tool.

Then I used the revolve tool and voilà, you have the ball part of the joint.

I decided to color it to better differentiate the two pieces.

For the socket all I did was create a second component and create a sketch for the socket piece similar to how I created the ball. Instead this time I made it “hollow”.


Here I cut off the excess for the socket joint because the ball has to be able to fit inside the socket. I used the fillet tool to make it easier for the ball to snap in.

Once again I used the revolve tool and made a beautiful goblet looking thing.

I cut some holes into the socket to ensure the ball would be able to fit snuggly into the socket.


Printer Settings

nozzle- 0.4 mm

Layer height- 0.2 mm

infill- 20% density

Generated support material

Support Z distance- 0.2 mm

temp- 200°c for the nozzle and 60°c for bed temp

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