Blossom Powerpuff girl

My first step to create Blossom, one of the Powerpuff girls, using Fusion 360 was to find a picture in google that I could use as a base while designing her in the program. I picked the picture below. The purpose is to print the design in only one color, and in order to make the outline pop out, it is necessary to extrude all the parts in different heights to delimitate the edges.

Then I clicked in Insert on the upper bar, then Attached Canvas. That is going to place the picture on the sketch plane. After I selected the picture, I changed the opacity to 50% and clicked ok.

My next step was to start outlining the picture, and I only used the Spline tool to draw the outline. I made sure that there were not any loose ends in order to be able to extrude it after.

After my sketch was done I started extruding it, each piece separately. I did not decide the measurements at the beginning, but I tried multiple ways and kept what looked better.

This design was created as part of the University of New Hampshire’s ET401 “Introduction to 3D printing ” course. You can find design plans for this projects and many others at

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