Whale hello there

I know these puns are krill-ing you but I just can’t help it. With this passive amp, you’ll be able to blast your favorite music, like orca-stra, for instance, for all to hear.  And no batteries or charging needed!

I started with a basic cylinder, it would turn out that I vastly over-estimated the size of this cylinder and it would later tell me that it would take something like 3 days to print.

I then hallowed out the cylinder by using the shell button, originally set to 5 mm, I would later discover that this was way too thick and bring it down to more like, 2 mm.

To get the idea of a nose shape I then used the draft tool to create an angle on the cylinder. Then I would cut a hole for blow-hole, a hole for the phone and hole for the “mouth”.

I then created a fin and eye and mirrored those so I didn’t have to make 2 of each.

After importing the original design into Cura, the issues became obvious pretty quickly. Namely, thing was MASSIVE. It was going to take days to print. I went back into my design, thinned out the cylinder and made it way more stubby.

Printer Settings

nozzle- 0.4 mm

Layer height- 0.2 mm

infill- 20% density

Generated support material

Support Z distance- 0.2 mm

temp- 200°c for the nozzle and 60°c for bed temp


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