For this project we were to construct a passive phone amplifier. Mine was made using relatively simple tools and shapes.

To start I added a hexagon to the work field

I then extruded it up a straight line, had the hexagon taper out at a 10 degree angle, and have the hexagon do a 180 degree turn going up the line

I then cut a rectangle that was 80mm by 15mm into the top, with two smaller rectangles cut below where the speakers of the phone are located.

I then extruded the rectangles below the speaker 

Next I used an offset plane to sketch two hexagons that would cut into the object to act as speakers

I then filleted the edges to help cut down on print time

Finally I reduced the size of the speaker by using the push and pull command to make the speaker shorter.

The final product fits the iPhone 8 with an Otterbox phone case 

To download this file go to https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3182599

Layer height .2mm

Infill density 10%

Support Material was used

Nozzle size .8mm

Temp 200C

Bed temp 60C

Print time was about 8 hours 40 minutes



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