Metroid SVG Logo

This logo I wanted to make something from one of my favorite game series, Metroid, mainly because I have almost no merchandise (not for the lack of trying) from this series. I used an SVG logo of Samus’ log from Super Smash Bros.



The very first thing that I did was import it to Fusion. After importing it I found out that I needed to fill in some gaps. To do this all I did was extend the outer circle so that it was touching the “S” in the center.





The next thing I did was extrude the base internal shapes in the color I was planing on printing them, just so that I can keep of each body. I did end up changing my mind slightly later on and made these two shapes as one body in the end.



Next I extruded the outlining S and combined the center S with the base plate. This is also when I decided that I wanted the center S to be the same color as the base plate.

The final touches were added, I added a fillet to the base and some chamfers around the outer S.


This 2 body print can be found at:

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