Iphone 7 Amplifier

For this project we were required to create a phone amplifier.

First I began with a basic center point rectangle, then i extruded it.

Next I measured the dimensions of my Iphone 7 with its case which came out to 76mm. I was then able to create another center point rectangle and inside make an extrusion with the correct dimensions to be able to fit into my phone.

Next I polished the edges and inserted a text on the back of the amplifier with the words “Muhammad’s Amplifier” I also added a extrusion in the back to be able to insert a Apple lightning charger.


STL file: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3174924


Layer height .2mm

Infill density 20%

Nozzle size .4mm

Temp 200C

Bed temp 60C



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