Galactic Federation Logo

This print, again is Metroid themed. This time I decided to make the Galactic Federation, This print was design to show detail with layers instead of color. This one was made by tracing an image found online instead of an SVG file like the previous logo.


The next step was to actually trace the image. Multiple circles were used to match all the circles on the image and the text command was used to match the letters so they didn’t need to be traced. The center star was done with multiple circles and tangent lines with the swoops around the star done with many arcs. A spline was originally used for the swoops but it was causing problems with the fillets later on. The font for the text was century schoolbook.


The next two extrusion were to add the base and to raise one of the swoops. The star that was made on top was actually extruded from the base sketch but there was an of-set option under the extrude command and was brought up a few millimeters. The star also has a taper on it to give it angle to the center.



Next I extruded the base of the circle and star up to the level of the bottom of the star.


Next I added a chamfer to the circle for some stylistic effect.



Next the borders were extruded and the text cut into the base.



Some finishing touches were added with fillets, and finally the swoop was rotated with a circular pattern around the center point.

The biggest problem I had with this logo was the filleting of the swoops. When they were still made with splines it would not let me fillet it until I changed them to center point arcs.


This design can be found at

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