I decided to create a crest. Not any crest but Sigma Chi crest, without going into so much detail, I kept it simple and easy. The crest was made into two pieces that would be printed out black and white. The steps to create the Sigma Chi crest was through the use of Fusion 360 and retrieving an SVG from the internet to make it 3D. The cross itself would be white and the shield would be printed out Black.



The SVG was uploaded to be used on Fusion 360 and doing so, I extruded the pieces accordingly to how I wanted to make it look and stand out for the shield itself. The surrounding base, I played around with.

The base on the edges, it is designed to allow the shield fit. I made the shield have a small portion of base to fit on the actual base. For the base I made a rectangular shape. I cut it in half to apply one half to be printed seperatly with the cross. the second cut will remain as the base. the corners I made triangles and shaped it to have rounded edges on the inside. I then played with the extrusion setting allowing me to create the design.


Information on printing:

  • Extruder 1: white
  • Extruder 2: black
  • layer height: 0.2mm
  • nozzle size: 0.4mm
  • temp of nozzle: 200 degree C
  • temperature of bed: 60 degrees C
  • infill density: 20%
  • material used: PLA
  • no support generated

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