For our final project we have to make an action figure with working joints. Our first assignment leading up to the final outcome is to make joints. These will be the elbows, shoulders, hips, neck, wrists and ankles. Two of the joints I created are hinge joints and ball and socket joints. Creating both joints I used Fusion 360. First I created a hinge joint. I started by creating a sketch consisting of three different triangles with crescent shaped sides.

I then revolved each piece separately around the X axis so each piece would be a separate body. Each piece is 2mm apart from each other to give space to move once printed.

Next I constructed offset planes off the sides of the joint. I sketched a circle of 40mm and and formed a cylinder and then extruded it into the joint so it was connected. Then I created rectangles using that same offset plane and used the hot key ‘e’ and extruded them into the two formed cylinders. This formed a connection between all three parts so they wouldn’t fall apart when printed. Lastly I connected the two rectangles with another rectangle to make it all one stable piece.

My second joint I made was a ball in socket joint. I started by making a sphere with a 13mm diameter and then a 5mm diameter cylinder that stood 15mm tall that extruded through the sphere and joined the two shapes together. This made the ball shaft.

Next I made the socket part of the joint. I started off with a sketch of two circles. One measuring 12mm in diameter and the other inside this circle and measuring 11mm in diameter. Along the grid of the red, X axis, I sketched a rectangle connecting to the side of the outer circle. I then sketched small lines between the two circles (one at 12:00 and another at 3:00) so I can then trim it to the shape I wanted using the trim command.

Next I used the revolve command and clicked on my sketch and revolved it around the X axis to create the socket. Then I constructed an offset plane and dragged it to the opening of the socket. I sketched 2 center point rectangles intersecting each other at the origin and extruded it into the socket making sure the “cut” option was selected.

I printed these two designs with Cura using an ultimaker 2 3D printer. Below are the settings I used.

Nozel Size: .4mm

Infil Density: 10%

Support: Touching building structure

Layer height: .2mm

Material: PLA

Link to download design on Thingiverse is below

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