ED Elephant iPhone 7 Speaker

For 3D printing, we made a speaker for our cellphones. I made a speaker in the shape of an elephant’s head for my iPhone 7 with the case on.


Design time: ~5hrs | CAD Software: Fusion 360

Print Software: Cura |Printer: Ultimaker 2+ |Print time: ~14hrs


Link to STL file:https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3158395



  • You will want to first figure out the dimensions of your phone and take into account the size of the phone with a case on. My iphone 7 measured at 3 x 67.1 x 7.1 mm
  • I used an image to outline the shape of the elephant’s head, imported onto the plane as a canvas in Fusion 360.

  • A sketch of the head was made using the line and spline tools under the sketch tab. I only sketched half of the elephant’s head and mirrored the rest of the sketch on a “constructed” line on the vertical plane.
  • End sketch of one side of the head and mirror the sketch on the other side of constructed line. Start new sketch to make the trunk, in sections, which is where the sound of the speaker will travel out from.


  • I extruded the sketches of the head as one body. I made the trunk in sections using the sweep and loft tools I was able to connect the pieces of the trunk when I went to extrude them.
  • The eyes were extruded separately.


  • For the last piece of the trunk, highlight it as a single body and extrude it with adjusting the taper angle to allow end of trunk to flare out.
  • Shell each piece of the trunk separately using the shell tool. I shelled mine to 1mm thick.
  • To make port for the phone in the top of the head, I made two offset planes, each with a rectangle sketched on it. The 1strectangle placed at the top of the head was set towards the back of the speaker in comparison to the rectangle made on the second offset plane made in the center of the speaker. With the loft command connect the two rectangles and click cut, this will create a slanted cut out to place your phone into.
  • Create another offset plane on top of where the trunk is located under the newly lofted rectangle in the middle of the elephant head. Extrude this rectangle from the trunk into the rectangle in the middle of the head.
  • To create a swooping angle, I used the chamber tool and draft tool to sweep out the inner edges to allow more sound to travel from the speaker of the phone to the trunk of the elephant head.
  • Since the bottom of trunk was sitting below the printing plane, an offset plane was made to cut off the remainder of the trunk that would have printed through the plane, this cut off section of the trunk was then selected as a new body and unhighlighted when exported as an STL, so that way this cut would not print.
  • Fillet edges on design as desired.

Print settings: These are the print settings for if I scale STL file to 8.5 in the Z plane

  • layer height: 0.25mm
  • nozzle size: 0.6mm
  • temperature of nozzle: 200 Degree C
  • temperature of bed: 60 Degree C
  • Shell: wall thickness 1.6mm
  • infill density: 10%
  • infill pattern: grid
  • support generated: support overhang angle 50
  • build plate adhesion type: brim
  • estimated material used: ~20 g
  • material used: PLA

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