Alex Leger Phone Amplifier

Animation of the whole process.


The goal of this project was to design a “passive phone amplifier” that can hold a cell phone and make it sound louder.


The first thing I did was create a box of approximately the dimensions that I wanted and cut a slot out of it at the angle that I wanted the phone to sit at.

The next step was sketch a rest for the phone on the angled plane from the box’s cutout.

Next the leg was sketched on the side of the phone rest using splines and extruded.

The leg feature was then mirrored across a central plane. The box was extruded and shelled out so that the front face was removed.


A small lip was added in the phone hole so that the phone wouldn’t fall through. After that everything was filleted and tweaked to make it easier to print and prettier. (section view for visual of interior features)


Thingiverse link to download stl files:


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