Katie’s Phone Amplifier

Our in class assignment this week was to design and create a 3D printed phone amplifier. The idea of this piece was to have your phone sit in a hole and have it amplify sound by having holes aiming in one direction. I used Fusion 360 to design my piece and an Ultimaker 2+ to print. I first started with a rectangle and extruded using the hot key “e” to make a 3D object. I sketched on the top of the rectangle to make a slot for my phone to sit in. I used calipers to measure the length and depth of my phone and made the sketch of the rectangle slightly bigger. The dimensions for this was 83mm x 12mm. I then extruded this rectangle into the larger rectangle.

Next I sketched two circles using the hotkey “c” with diameters of 40mm on the face of the rectangle. I then extruded these into the rectangle and made sure they were connected with the slot I had made for my phone so the sound would travel out of these two circles. I then constructed an offset plane 1mm above the face of the rectangle so I can draw the speakers sticking out of the amplifier. I then sketched two more identical circles with a diameter of 40mm on this new plane. From there I extruded these two new circles and tapered them outward to make a large horn shape.

Next I used the hot key “e” and extruded these two speakers downward into the circles in the rectangle to attach them. I then used the fillet using “f” to round the back of the amplifier. By doing this you also use less material. I also used the fillet command to round the speakers.

Lastly, with the slot for the phone, I added a rectangle and extruded it to the bottom of the amplifier so I am able to charge my phone while using me. Looking at the bottom of the amplifier, I then extruded out another rectangle for the charging cord so the amplifier can still sit flat.

I was then ready to print and saved this file as an STL. I uploaded it to Cura and here are some of the print settings:

Layer height: .2mm

Infill Density: 10%

Infill Pattern: Grid

Support: On, Everywhere

Support Pattern: Lines

Printer: Ultimaker 2+

Nozzle Size: .4mm

Below is the link to download the design on Thingiverse.


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