Harley Davidson Logo

This week in 3D printing we had to make a logo or design from just an image rather than an SVG file. Because it was an image, we had to first upload it onto our work place then sketch the design to be able to extrude it.

First I uploaded my image to Fusion 360. I placed it on the XY plane and started to sketch over the image. I used 3-point arcs to create the curves. I then used the hot key “L” to draw the straight lines. I used this hot key for a lot of the letters. Some of the corners of the letters are curved so I used the “fillet” command to round the edges.

By having my sketch, I was then able to select different sections to extrude them to make it 3 dimensional. I used the hot key “E” then clicked on all of the sections I wanted to extrude. This included all of the white parts of the original logo. I extruded these pieces 3mm. I then clicked on all of the black pieces of the original logo and extruded them 1.5mm.


When the extrusion was finished, I realized that the background (black areas) didnt look right. I then extruded the background to 2.75mm.

I then saved my image as an STL file to upload into Cura. I made sure the design was lying flat on the Z axis so it would print on the surface. Here are some of the printing settings I chose:

Printer: Ultimaker 2

Layer Height: .2 mm

Infill Density: 15%

Infill Pattern: Grid

Support: None

Nozzle Size: .4 mm

Material: Black PLA

Below is the link to download the design on Thingiverse

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